Bio / Info

TONY BEAT is a dj and producer born in Valencia (Spain). DJ and electronic music producer,produces a wide range of musical trends always with an exquisite taste forquality and strength of its products, including styles from deep house, minimalhouse, house, bass house, tech-house to more Melodic techno and techno, undergroundsounds and more commercial styles. Bet on emerging trends and technicalperfecting every day, their songs have been played on radio stations such as:LA MAXI RADIO, ONDA 10, ONDA CERO, MAXIMA FM, FLAIX FM, 40 PRINCIPALES, EUROPA FM, LOCA FM, RADIO INIESTA, REMEMBER MUSIC FM, LA MEGA RADIO, to name some of them. Actuality Tony Beat Selected, mixed and presented four Radio Shows: CLUB SESSIONS, RETRO, MELOTECH SOUNDS and SONIDO GIORGIO. Alls produced by YOUR GROUP COMPANY. Through a lot of Spanish speaking stations from all over the world. Sponsored by NU LIFE Recordings / ECOLOGICO Records. Every WEEKEND with the best dance music IN THE MIX.

Tony Bezares (Tony Beat Dj) has an excellent taste in music always attentive to the electronic trends and the results of these on the dance floor. Tony Beat has been a resident in several clubs and has participated in various events and clubs National and international (lATIN aMERICA, Francia, Portugal, Ibiza and all parts of the Spanish country for more than thirty years).

Tony Beat has worked as resident DJ on: JUMP CLUB, SOANDGO, NEW YORK , POSADA DE LAS ANIMAS, FOX CONGO, BOLSERÍA (Valencia ciudad), GIORGIO ET ENRICO, THE FACE/99 CALAMARES, N.O.D, SOROLLA 58, VATICANO (Valencia ciudad), JARDINES DE TABARCA, VILLAGE PEOPLE, DREAMS HOUSE (valencia ciudad), NORMAL, FONTANA, MELODY (Albacete),TRIBU (Ciudad Real), ENERGY (Cuenca), PSICODELICIAS (Jaén), ENERGY (Cullera), LACAMA (Iniesta), NUX (Valencia ciudad) , VIERNES 13, GUITARRÓ, ETC…

Tony Beat has visited as guest dj the clubs:

ERNE (San Sebastian, Spain), KU (Spain/France),THE LABO BAR CLUB (Paris), LA DAME (Paris), CONSTRUCTION (Lisboa), DESEO 54 (Spain), MOON (Spain) , ENERGY (Cuenca, Spain), 30iTANTOS (Spain), JAVALON (Spain), CODIGO G (Spain), RED VALENCIA (Spain), C 50 (Spain), MELODY (Albacete, Spain), GIORGIO ET ENRICO (Spain), QUEEN (Spain), ANIMAS PUERTO (Spain), BARRACA (Spain), SPOOK FACTORY (Spain), WOODY (Spain), MOKAI (Spain), ANTIQUE TEATRO (Sevilla, Spain), ESCORPIA (Barcelona, Spain), CHOCOLATE (Spain), NASSAU (Spain), SCAMNER (San Sebastián, Spain), THE SOUND (San Sebastián, Spain), CHICHARRO (San Sebastián, Spain), LACAMA (Cuenca,Spain), WUAS (San Sebastián, Spain), FAMYLY (Toledo, Sapin), FRIENDS (Madrid, Spain), PSICODELICIAS (Jaén, Spain), TRIBU (Ciudad Real, Spain), CREPUSCULO (La Rioja, Spain) And more raves al over the world.

Tony Beat work with many vocalists and DJs from the entire world. Tony uses dozens of pseudonyms to be able to play all kinds of musical styles, this one behind many artists and musical groups. Tony Beat is owner of the record labels: NU LIFE Recordings, ECOLOGICO Records, RETRACKER Music, ELEVATED SOUL, RITMOS LATINOS, INFINITY LOOPS, LOOK LOOPS, and LITTLE BUDDHA.

The most important thing for Tony Beat is the satisfaction of the public, the dance floor, and a good feeling among all united by the music. He works with many labels around the world to do so.